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Italian technology the world over to simplify the packaging process at every stage in the life of the company.

Made in Italy

“Made in Italy”, a phrase which becomes the expression of the experience gained by a company that is increasingly active beyond national borders.

Leading edge technology

Dm Packaging Group plants are a mix of high technology and engineering, designed to make maintenance and cleaning operations as easy as possible.

Tailor-made, customisable solutions

Every company has specific needs, spaces to manage, packaging solutions that fall in with marketing strategies. The Dm Packaging Group adapts perfectly to these needs.

Performance and optimisation

The aim of every solution is to optimise times and output. A fundamental support for every company that intends to automate its production.

Quality and consultancy at the service of companies

The quality of Dm packaging machinery is known all over the world due to the ever-increasing number of distribution points, which allow the Group to provide direct customer service. Warehouses are always supplied with spare parts so that customers are sure to be able to count on 100% performance.

Dm Packaging Group

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