Metal detector

Metal detector

It is widely used for food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles, clothes, toys, rubber and so on.

Anteprima check weigher and metal detector combined

Check Weigher and Metal Detector combined

Cost savings with two machines in one: check weigher and metal detector combined. Combining the superior performance of a VersaWeigh checkweigher with the high sensitivity of a metal detector, this machine provides accurate weight control and ensures that the product is free of metal contaminants.

A single space-saving tool that is perfect for those who don't have too much available space.

Anteprima horizontal metal detector line

Horizontal Metal Detector Line

Application: it is widely used for food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles, clothes, toys, plastics etc. It is first choice for the food and pharmaceutical industries and is especially suitable for foods made with flour, vegetable foods, frozen foods, sugar, pickled products, and so on. Mechanical characteristics: it can be used as digital processing technology, able to detect both magnetic and non-magnetic metals in the product.

Anteprima gravity metal detector for vffs packaging machines

Gravity Metal Detector for VFFS packaging machines

Application: applied in the control of powders, granules and materials in sheets. Characteristics: suitable for fixing between the bottom of the weigher and the top of the feed funnel , or other dropdown conditions.

Mechanical characteristics: 120 mm control dimensions, slim body design, space saving. Separate detector head and easy-to-use controller design.

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