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Story of the DM Packaging Group

A journey marked by success

Technology, engineering, innovation and passion made in Italy: these are the factors that have featured in a story that is studded with success and outstanding case histories. These are the factors that have brought the Dm Packaging Group international renown as a benchmark in the design and distribution of plants for the packaging of food products for companies both great and small.


The first flowpack packaging machine was invented in the United States by a well-known American company.


Taking their inspiration from the new American invention, DM macchine confezionatrici (our ancestors) began importing the first flowpack packaging machines into Europe.

Anni '60

The Longato company produced many of the mechanical and structural parts for DM packaging machines, and would remain fascinated by this world.


The Longato family and Dm packaging machines began to cooperate officially for the first time.


The Longato family officially began its adventurous journey in the world of packaging by creating the first EWP400 packaging machine


The first version of the Miniflow, our strong point in these years and still mechanical at the time, was created.


The cutting edge of technology began to make itself felt in packaging, and Eurowrap was one of the first companies to fit innovative PLC control systems with brushless motors.


In the wake of the economic crisis, the Miniflow was completely renewed, the aim being to provide a functional, inexpensive machine for SMEs.


A pivotal step was taken that changed the idea of company technology. The production of mechanical machines was stopped, and from then on only electronic machines would be produced.


With the advent of new ideas and business concepts, the Dm Packaging Group was born.


Believing more and more that expansion was the way to go, the DM Packaging Group acquired a new production site amounting to 1,500 square metres and moved its operations there, thus expanding space available and dedicating offices and technicians to a new mission; automatic lines for big companies.


As we got stronger and more inspired, we continued our growth trend, intent on training new staff ready to meet your needs

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