Victoria 600

Victoria 600

Horizontal, sturdy packaging machine, ideal for the packaging of bakery products

Ideal for

bakery products
bakery products
bread and rolls
bread and rolls
Ideal for
Why <b> choose it </b>

Why choose it

  • Easy to clean, thanks to the convenient crumb collection drawers, shelves that can be opened without the aid of tools and a folding exit belt
  • Easily adjustable for different product sizes
  • Numerous optionals available to increase performance

150 packs per minute

Maximum film band size: 600mm

The lines developed by DM Packaging are all Industry 4.0 compliant .

For these machines and thanks to this level of certified quality, it is possible to obtain numerous tax breaks on the purchase of the product.

Technical characteristics

  • Power supply 220 V
  • Weight 600 Kg
  • Sealing bars diam. 120/150 or 180 mm to permit a max 110 mm product transit
  • 3 Pairs of rollers, the first two for the film feed, the second for sealing (diameter 120 mm) and fin fold.
  • Safety casing with stoppage system in case of opening.
  • CE certified management and safety modules.
  • Motorised product unloading belt with central drive.
  • Emergency buttons with immediate interruption of the work cycle.
  • End-of-line courtesy buttons
  • Photocell for print centring included.
  • Max film reel width 600 mm
  • Pneumatic expandable reel-holder shaft
  • Sliding surfaces in AISI 304 steel compliant with CE standards
  • Dimensions 3500x 730 x H1700
  • Max speed 120 pcs/min
  • Cut and seal motor increased to 1,9 Nm
  • Inspectable magnetic roller bars
  • Easy-clean device for making machine cleaning easier


  • 3 axles controlled by servo motors and Schneider drive.
  • CAN Bus communication
  • Plc with integrated 7” colour touch screen
  • Ability to store product recipes
  • Machine backup including parameters and recipe that can be exported and imported via USB stick
  • Print and product centring via touch screen.
  • Easy diagnosis for problem solving with RJ45 courtesy door on operator panel.
  • Internet connection for assistance through LAN cable and VNC
  • High quality German SICK photocells and proximity sensors


  • Rotary or heat transfer printer
  • Ethyl alcohol nebuliser
  • No product no Bag photocell to detect the product and avoid creating empty packets
  • No Gap No seal photocell to detect incorrect timing of the product in the film
  • AISI 304 stainless steel body
  • Euroslot
  • Zigzag blades.
  • Fixed conformer.
  • Elongated bench
  • Double centre bar, to increase production speed
  • Long dwell head for MAP
  • Product support chain unit on overlock
  • Side chain unit for products on edge and double transporter
  • Motorised film unwinder (AC motor).

Product dimensions and film band

A: Max 290 mm | B: Max 500 mm | C: Max 130 mm*
A: Max 600 mm

* The height may vary depending on the diameter of the sealing bar, to be agreed with the product and speed required.

Video Victoria 600 fruit and vegetables

Packaging with trays of strawberries


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