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We are a young company but deeply rooted in the past.

Anteprima a family team

A family team

We set up our operation five years ago with a team that has become a family: people with thirty years of hands-on experience in the sector acquired in the field over the years, people who are always ready to transmit their knowledge to their younger colleagues so as to form a winning team. The DM Packaging Group embraces different backgrounds and skills that have given rise to a single large company, active on an international scale and highly specialised in the field of food packaging.

Anteprima simplifying the packaging process

Simplifying the packaging process

The professionals working within the DM Packaging Group boast a high level of engineering training that allows them to use the latest technology to ensure tailor-made packaging solutions for small and large companies, improving machinery to make it increasingly powerful, automated and reliable.

To this can be added the universally recognised quality of Italian-made products, which is reflected in the experience gained by a company that is increasingly active abroad. The range of machines designed in DM Packaging Group's plants meets the specific need: of simplifying the packaging process at every stage of a company's life, from the start-up with semi-automatic machines able to customise materials, to the consolidation of the company with fully automatic systems.

Anteprima direct customer service

Direct customer service

The quality of the machines we design is known throughout the world as a result of the growing number of distribution points allowing the Dm Packaging Group to provide direct customer service, with warehouses constantly supplied with spare parts for guaranteed 100% performance.

DM System Solution

The Dm System Solution, is a branch that was set up to devote itself totally to the design of automatic lines.
The goal is to specialise more and more people annually to work on the design, assembly and maintenance of automatic industry-dedicated lines.

Are you looking for more performing industrial automatic systems?

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