EWP 700/800 Box Motion

EWP 700/800 Box Motion

Horizontal packaging machine, designed for customers who have to package products that are difficult to adapt and need to use gas, nitrogen and other gases for greater conservation purposes.

Ideal for

sausages and cold cuts
sausages and cold cuts
Ideal for
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choose it

  • Load from below
  • Also ideal for products that are difficult to conform
  • Manages welding times

50 packs per minute

Maximum film reel size: 700 / 800mm

The lines developed by DM Packaging are all Industry 4.0 compliant .

For these machines and thanks to this level of certified quality, it is possible to obtain numerous tax breaks on the purchase of the product.

Technical characteristics

  • Power supply 220 V
  • Weight 700 Kg
  • Sealing bars with adjustable opening (max 200 mm)
  • 3 Pairs of rollers, the first two for the film feed, the second for sealing (diam 120 mm)
  • Roller stack with motorised lift system.
  • Machine in stainless steel and plates in Erga anodised aluminium
  • Safety casing with stoppage system in case of opening.
  • Motorised product unloading belt.
  • Emergency buttons with immediate interruption of the work cycle.
  • End-of-line courtesy buttons
  • Photocell for print centring included.
  • Max film reel width 700 mm.
  • Expandable reel-holder shaft
  • Sliding surfaces in AISI 304 steel compliant with CE standards
  • Dimensioni 4000 x 630 x H1700
  • Max speed 50 pcs/min
  • Easy-to-open crumb collector casing


  • 4 assi controllati da motori servo e drive Schneider.
  • Comunicazione via CanBus
  • Plc con touch screen a colori integrati da 7”.
  • Possibilità di memorizzare ricette prodotti
  • Backup macchina compresivo di parametri e ricetta esportabile e importabile tramite chiavetta USB
  • Centraggio stampa e prodotto via touch screen.
  • Easy diagnosi per soluzione problemi.
  • Possibilità di connessione a teamwiever per assistenza tramite cavo LAN e VNC
  • Colonnina di avvertimento luminoso per stato macchina.


  • Stampatore rotativo o trasferimento termico
  • Nebulizzatore alcool etilico
  • Iniezione azoto
  • Possibilità di averla completamente in acciaio Inox AISI 304
  • No product no Bag
  • Euroslot
  • Lame a zig-zag
  • Conformatore fisso.
  • Bancale allungato
  • Nastro rifasatore
  • Apertura pneumatica rulli caldi
  • Disponibile versione INOX e verniciata
EWP700 load from below

Arabic Pita bread packaging


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